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Here at Brick Sanctuary we want to allow everyone a chance to relieve their childhood as well as to continuously live their childhood of colourful brick toys at an affordable price!
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We are Brick Sanctuary – one of Malaysia’s most competitively priced brick store – carrying a large variety of sets from old and new!

Brick Sanctuary was born somewhere in early 2013 out of a random desire to collect the new LEGO®  range of Ferrari x Shell cars and somehow we decided it was a good idea to share our reignited love of LEGOs® with the rest of the community. With the help of such a large community of LEGO®  lovers, we quickly grew from a little table at the Amcorp Mall flea market into a full-blown brick & mortar store (also at Amcorp Mall)!

Our main goal for being a brick in this LEGO®  wall is to share the joy of building bricks with everyone and allow each fan a chance to relive and to continuously live their childhood.

Because afterall, your imagination is the limit!

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Tue - Sun
12pm - 6.30pm
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Lot 217, 2nd Floor, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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